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Tesla Model X Door Torn Off by Passing Truck

Imagine that you just got yourself a new set of wheels and spent, say, $80,000 or so to pick up the new rig. Naturally, with your new machine, you’re going to want to drive it around town. That seems to be the exact situation that the owner of this Tesla Model X was in when they would park up in their new electric SUV and would be greeted with quite the unfortunate set of circumstances that the Tesla would be part of when, all of a sudden, an unwelcome visitor would swipe by and end up doing more damage than this Tesla driver ever thought would have happened over the SUV’s entire lifespan!

With a nearby security camera rolling, we are able to join in and watch the action as this big rig probably just didn’t see it coming or didn’t have enough time to stop as it was rolling down the street and ended up taking off the door of the Tesla. Whether or not it totaled the SUV is not disclosed in this situation, but that had to be one painful hit for the driver as they just lost the door of the shiny new vehicle! It’s not even really clear how it all happened but, in any scenario, the result ends up being the same as the door is simply gone!

Follow along in the video down below that shows off the situation from behind the scenes, taking us inside of this scenario that certainly had to be no fun at all. We aren’t sure if it was even the Tesla driver’s fault but you can probably bet that they’re going to end up double checking wherever they end up parking for quite some time. I wouldn’t even blame them if they wanted to avoid parking on the side of the street for the rest of forever!