Tesla Model X Tries To Take Down The King, A Lamborghini Aventador

When you take one look at the automotive performance landscape these days, there are ...

When you take one look at the automotive performance landscape these days, there are some pretty crazy things happening. Most people agree that it’s quite wild to see that a brand like Tesla could come along and pretty much single-handedly alter the landscape of electric cars in racing. Sure, they are definitely primarily machines that are designed with getting around economically in mind, however, for the more radical among us, it seems like the Tesla is a perfectly fine candidate if you want to pin that skinny pedal to the floor every once in a while and see what she’s got.

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Just when you thought that the Tesla Model S was the one and only vehicle out of the Tesla wheelhouse that you could depend on for any sort of straight-line performance, it turns out that the Model X, a Tesla that’s a slightly bigger variant of electric vehicle that just so happens to be an SUV, also packs a pretty heavy punch. With a little bit more weight to pull around, sure, it might not have quite as much potential as the lighter Model S sedan, but we have to say that this thing isn’t necessarily any slouch, either, as we have certainly seen these things throwing their way around quite efficiently.

If you head down to the video below, you’ll be able to check out quite the obscure and interesting matchup as a Model X goes head-to-head with a Lamborghini Aventador in a variety of different applications, including both dig and roll races. Going head-to-head with an Aventador is quite a jump to the top of the pack, however, we get a sneaky feeling that you might be a little bit surprised by the performance that the Model X brings to the table. We’d even be inclined to say that it has quite the sleeper appeal.

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