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Tesla Model S Mysteriously Catches on Fire in Shangai Parking Garage

There is absolutely no denying that Tesla is doing some awesome things for the automotive market. The way that the company is developing electric cars to provide an alternative fuel source is nothing short of awesome. In addition, seeing how cool these cars can be has really turned Americans on to the possibility of an EV. After all, it took an entirely new brand to be able to get through to people. However, as of now, it does still seem as if the company has some ground to cover. After all, even one instance like this is too many. There are definitely things for Tesla to continue to work on.

This needed improvement is very natural. After all, if we take a look at the way that combustion engines work, even these days, they are still very much being improved. A perfect setup is very far over the horizon if “perfect” exists at all.

One of the latest issues that has plagued Tesla is one that they’re going to want to address rather quickly. It’s unclear if this is an isolated incident or not but recently, it appears as a first-generation Tesla Model S had some fire issues. Accompanying a video of the car burning to the ground, originally posted by @ShanghaiJayin on Twitter, read the caption “Good or bad, negative or positive I will post anything about Tesla or EVs in China. This happened today in Shanghai, China 🇨🇳 1st generation Tesla Model S caught Fire 🔥 underground car park.”

Tesla’s response read “We immediately sent a team onsite and we’re supporting local authorities to establish the facts. From what we know now, no one was harmed,” Tesla said in a statement on Monday.” -Tesla’s official statement to Reuters.

For those who have been looking into purchasing a Tesla, we aren’t necessarily sure that this is something that should make you think twice. While this particular issue is pretty catastrophic, it also doesn’t seem to be widespread. Perhaps this is an issue that we might want to keep an eye on as the cars begin to age.

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