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Tesla owners Irate! New ‘Full-Self Driving’ Curbs Wheels

Tesla owners are currently expressing their frustrations with the latest update (version 12.3.4) to the Full Self-Driving (FSD) suite, as it appears to frequently misjudge curbs. According to InsideEVs, numerous owners have aired their grievances on social media, upset about their vehicles colliding with curbs, leading to costly repairs for wheels and tires. The embarrassment and annoyance of curbing a wheel are significant, but the potential danger of doing so at speed increases the stakes considerably.

Just last month, Tesla rolled out a complimentary one-month trial of the FSD software to all Tesla owners whose vehicles possess the necessary hardware. Many drivers had initially invested $12,000 upfront for this feature, while others opted for a $200 monthly subscription to access the service. Unfortunately, many users of the free trial have reported damage from curb collisions while using FSD, leading to a disappointing trial experience and making it unlikely that they will convert to paying customers.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced plans to launch the much-anticipated “robotaxi” feature in August of this year. This feature is expected to enable Tesla owners to rent out their vehicles as autonomous taxis when not in use—for instance, earning fare money while parked during work hours. However, if the FSD technology struggles with basic curb detection even with a driver ready to intervene, the potential for more severe damage or danger could be significant when the vehicle operates fully autonomously.

The prevalence of curb collisions might stem from recent changes in the vehicle software, or it might be receiving more attention now due to new users testing the system for the first time. However, it is important to note that Tesla’s FSD-equipped vehicles have encountered curb-related issues for several years.

Tesla advises that drivers must always be ready to take control of the FSD system, but even the most attentive driver might struggle to react quickly enough to prevent the vehicle from hitting a curb. This ongoing issue raises questions about the viability and safety of relying heavily on FSD technology, especially in its current state.

In light of these challenges, the dissatisfaction among Tesla owners is palpable, especially those who have used the FSD feature during the free trial period. The experience of dealing with unexpected and costly damage has left many questioning the value of investing in Full Self-Driving capabilities, particularly if the technology continues to fall short of expectations in basic operational safety.