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Tesla’s Drive-in Theater Now Under Construction

In the ever-evolving landscape of progress, there are times when we find ourselves returning full circle to old ways of doing things. Occasionally, amidst the technological frenzy, we discover that simpler approaches can be more satisfying. It appears that even Tesla, a trailblazer in cutting-edge technology in the automotive space, is acknowledging the charm of face-to-face interactions while trying to integrate its product into such an experience.

In a surprising deviation from Tesla’s usual business ventures, the company is venturing into the realm of nostalgia by opening a hybrid restaurant and drive-in movie theater. Rumors suggest that the establishment will even feature waitstaff gliding around on rollerskates, harkening back to the classic days of drive-ins.

Tesla Drive-in Theater – 7001 W. Santa Monica Boulevard & Orange

The structure, currently under construction in Hollywood, California, will house Tesla Superchargers, allowing patrons to charge their electric vehicles while enjoying a meal and a movie. While it’s not uncommon to find superchargers in parking lots, this Tesla-built facility may redefine how we engage with our cars.

Once completed, the establishment will boast a restaurant and two movie screens. In an era where traditional movie nights seem to be fading away, this innovative approach could revive the movie theater experience as a social gathering.


We’re not sure if this will be any sort of success or not. However, in a world where it feels like most automakers are by the book, it’s refreshing to see a company deviate from the norm a bit in the spirit of livening things up.

The success of this venture remains uncertain, and only time will reveal whether it becomes a thriving extension of Tesla’s business or an idea that fades away. Regardless, it promises to be an exciting development and is something many would be eager to experience, perhaps even becoming a welcome addition to hometowns across the country.

Photo credit – @Matt Hartman