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Tesla’s Onboard Cameras Catch Not So Honest Driver Who Wrecked Truck and Went Flying

A dashcam is definitely a good investment for anybody who’s looking to protect their automobile and back up their word. Let’s just say that not all incidents are very clear cut when looking at the damage. However, somebody who has a camera onboard can really stand to defend themselves a lot better. It happens that having footage behind your words makes those words a lot stronger.

Tesla is one example of an automaker that has cameras completely surrounding their vehicles. No matter which direction someone is looking out of the vehicle, there is a camera recording it’s every move. With this, we’re sure that there are an incredibly large number of videos floating around out there that show obscure situations that the vehicle may get involved in.

In other words, if you end up getting in an accident with a Tesla, trying to lie about if it was your fault or not isn’t going to do much good. The likelihood is that the vehicle that you wrecked into probably has a clip of how it all happened.

This time, we check out a compilation of videos that show some crazy situations unfolding from the perspective of various Tesla submitters from around the world. It’s kind of funny how the world is changing in such a way as to leave behind the need to describe something. Instead, it seems like cameras are going to be integrated into just about every facet of life before we know it.

Down below, we check out the compilation of situations that really come to life. After watching some of these, we see just how handy it could be to be able to have a 360° camera to help protect your ride. Without some of these vantage points, the “He said, she said” of it all could have an innocent party losing out.