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Tested: How Fast Your Car Needs to Be to Outrun a Cop

While most of us are never brave or stupid enough to attempt to outrun a police officer on the highway, when you look back in that mirror and see the cherries and berries illuminated, I think that all of us have thought somewhere in the back of our minds about what it would take evade a police officer with our wheels. If we just laid into the throttle and had at it, how fast would a car have to be in order to gain any type of substantial distance between yourself and the cruiser? While an actual real-world test of this might be a little bit dangerous, the guys over at Car and Driver came up with something that should suffice.

The police car in question here is none other than one of the fastest that you will probably find any ordinary police officer behind the wheel of as a Dodge Charger powered by a hemi V8 is put to the test against the variety of different cars to see if any of them stand a reasonable chance of making their way into the distance, fading off into the sunset without, you know, a ticket or any sort of jail time that would go alongside getting pulled over by the police for doing something illegal out there on the roadways.

This is certainly not anything that we would recommend taking to heart as it’s definitely meant for entertainment value more than anything, however, it is pretty interesting to see what quality of car it would take to truly be able to outrun a police car on the highway. At the end of the day, I guess the most logical thing to do would be to not do anything illegal in the first place if you can help it because a radio and police helicopter are probably going to be a lot faster than you out there, anyway.