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Testing Cheap V.S. Expensive Wrenches On AMAZON

Picking out just the right set of tools is a challenge that most of us face. For the majority of people who are tool shopping out there, we don’t exactly have unlimited funds and as such, we’re forced to pick and choose which tools best work with the application. Sometimes, this means that maybe we can pick a couple of high dollar our tools and have to sacrifice on others. Maybe this is the time where you go cheaper on tools that you use less often and more expensive on tools you use all the time or perhaps more expensive on tools that receive more abuse when you use them.

Because of this, it can be important to look at different reviews to make sure which tools are the strongest and which are worth going cheap. This time, we check out a test from Wranglerstar that takes on the task of testing out a cheap $5 crescent wrench and an expensive American made one that clocks in at $35, both from Amazon. Is this a scenario where you can afford to save yourself $30 by simply buying a model that has come out of a different country, with all other quality factors remaining the same? Perhaps the time is now that you keep a few dollars in your wallet.

Check out the video below that puts these two wrenches through a plethora of tests that show exactly what they can do and how they hold up. Based on how often you use a tool like this in combination with how well it performs can help you decide whether or not it’s a good idea for you to spend that extra money. After watching this comparison, does it help to shed any light on this matter for you in relationship to which side you’re going to go with here whether it be the cheaper or more expensive spending option?