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Testing Flex Seal – As Seen On TV

One of our favorite channels, Crazy Russian Hacker, is back with another informative-but-entertaining product testing video. This time, he’s taking on the as-seen-on-TV wonder product, Flex Seal. In case there’s anybody out there that has missed the classic infomercials, this product is basically liquid spray rubber that dries to form a waterproof bond that works great for sealing cracks and leaks in basically anything. The infomercials have gone as far as replacing the bottom of a small boat with a mesh screen door, sealed in place with Flex Seal and taken out to sea with nothing but the product itself holding the door in place. Needless to say, it was included in the commercial, do you know the stuff did the trick.

Of course, as with any “As seen on TV” product, there’s plenty of apprehension about whether or not this product works the same way when you get it in your hands at home, and that’s where’s Crazy Russian Hacker comes in. With no “team” helping him put the product to the test, our compadre does his best to replicate some of the scenarios featured in the Flex Seal ads. He decided against the boat stunt – although we may see him in try it in the future after this trial went so well – opting instead to stab a couple of holes in a big bucket, try to seal a cracked flower pot, and turn a strainer into a bowl!

As you’d expect, there’s a little trial and error, mostly in finding the right amount of time between coats to get the maximum effectiveness without spending all day on one project.

Eventually, we see that the holes in the bucket hold water, the terra cotta planter seals up nicely, and even the strainer is completely waterproof. And, as impressive as that is, there’s still quite a bit of Flex Seal left in the can, proving that you do get a great value for your purchase when it comes to quantity. With the Crazy Russian Hacker seal of approval, I’m actually much more likely to order some Flex Seal now!