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Texas Road Rage Motorcycle vs Truck… Ends Horribly For The Rider

Road rage can be a very therapeutic undertaking. We’ve all been in a situation where it seems like the other guy on the road had his eyes closed while he was taking his driving test and it might just feel good to just let him have it with a series of choice words and gestures. Sure, most of the time, it probably won’t actually do any good but in your head, it might make a lot of sense in a specific situation.  Sometimes, you need to just take that rage that you have and get it off your chest in a harmless act that will blow off a little steam.

Sometimes, though, people take the concept of road rage too far. When you combine the inability to control your rage with a motorcycle, things get even more out of hand. I’m not sure exactly why somebody would initiate road rage while on two wheels because you’re about as vulnerable as it gets but we’ve definitely seen it several times and things never end well for the motorcycle rider. I’m not sure why it’s so difficult put your pride aside and just let it go. It’s not like the outcome of the situation will end up changing your life in any way, big or small, unless you pursue it deeper and end up making a bad choice.

Check out the video below as this motorcycle rider tries to make his presence known by messing with a pickup truck. A hundred times out of a hundred, basic physics with tell you that, in a bout between a motorcycle rider and a pickup truck, the pickup truck will probably win. If I was on a motorcycle, I don’t think that I would get involved in this kind of encounter on the highway or if I was driving anything for that matter. Maybe next time, these drivers will realize that the situation isn’t all that serious and let it go!


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