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That Time Dale Earnhardt Sr. Threw a Shoe at Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Even in the most stable of relationships, there are times where you don’t exactly see eye to eye on some things. Even though Dale Earnhardt and Earnhard Jr had one of the tightest bonds that you would see in sports, I’m sure that they have had their differences in some areas.

This time, we get the chance to listen to Dale Junior as he tells us about a priceless story in which him and his dad were out racing in Japan and the competition got a little bit too close but Junior would end up taking him the win. Afterward, in the trailer, dad ended up hocking his shoe at his son’s head!

Luckily, Junior recalls, the shoe flew by his head and didn’t end up hitting him but if it did, that would’ve made for two angry Earnhardts and tell Junior tells us that wouldn’t have been good for anybody! At the time, there might’ve been a little bit of anger involved in this decision but looking back on it, it’s definitely a story that you can smile about.

Check out the clip below that showcases part of an interview in which Junior tells us all about it. Living life on the road as father and son while doing what you love had to be one heck of an experience for this iconic father and son NASCAR duo.