The 18 Foot Long Audi Aicon Offers Level 5 Autonomy on a Grand Scale

Each and every day, new technology rolls its way out that makes us believe that we ...

Each and every day, new technology rolls its way out that makes us believe that we are closer to yesterday’s future than maybe we might have thought. This time, we check out exactly what one auto manufacturer has been doing to make their way into the mix of the autonomous electric car category with a machine that goes by the name of the “Audi Aicon” and another that you can just call “Elaine.” Yes, these are just concept vehicles but, if what’s on board comes to life, it could be a pretty interesting future out there on the roadways… Or, a boring one, depending on how you look at things.

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At 18 feet long, with 349 hp, the Aicon proves to be pretty much what would happen if you put your living room in a car. This thing is very long and removes some of the features that you might have previously gotten pretty used to having in your own car, you know, like a steering wheel.

With complete autonomy, it looks like the way that designers picture automobiles is going to change yet again. If you look at something like this and take the design cues seriously, you might even think the entire landscape of driving will be different within the next couple of years.

When you get a load of the video below, be sure to pay close attention because they bring up a lot of things that make the real world seem like a science fiction movie. With some of these cars driving, recharging, and even going to the car wash on their own, it will only be a matter of time before humans have absolutely nothing to do with the way that you drive your car to work, school, or somewhere fun every day… or don’t drive it.

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