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The 1985 Figure 8 World Championship Might Just be the Craziest Racing Ever Seen

Racing, like any other sport, is constantly evolving. Sometimes, this evolution comes incrementally as certain racing series change minor parts to make races more competitive or entertaining. Other times, though, we see entirely new promotions come to life with crazy ideas that one never thought possible. Sometimes, it even seems like an elaborate troll job is in play but we promise you that this is very much real life.

Enter the figure 8 race—a notion that undeniably has folks doing a double take. The name itself succinctly captures its essence: competitors do not navigate an oval or adhere to a linear course. Instead, they engage in a frantic contest within a figure eight-shaped track, where paths intersect and cars collide quite frequently.

This setup essentially encapsulates the chaotic intersection of crowded public roads, transposed onto a racetrack, where vehicles fiercely vie for position.

The race is one that we’re kind of baffled even exists, considering that we’re perplexed how it happens no insurance company in their right mind would entertain such an idea.

Nonetheless, against all odds, competitions like the 1985 figure 8 world championship showcased in the video below endure, thriving in tracks across the nation. Unearthing an event of this nature might require a bit of sleuthing, locating individuals bold enough to embrace the challenge. However, where there’s prize money, competitors are sure to come out of the woodwork.

By immersing ourselves in the video below, we delve into the atmosphere of the 1985 competition which most certainly is an entirely different world. The endeavor to even contemplate participating in such a race demands nerves of steel and an unwavering grip on the wheel. Engaging in circle track racing necessitates a level of courage that’s difficult to fathom. The mental calculus required to partake in a competition where collisions aren’t merely possible, but an inevitable probability, must be nothing short of an all-new level of bravery.