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The 2007 Bentley Azure Has Lost $3.61 Every Hour Since it was Born

When you search for your ideal automobile, one factor that is probably commonly overlooked is that of depreciation that it has coming. When you get all wrapped up in the excitement that is a new or new-to-you car, thinking about things like what it’ll be worth five years down the road from now might just slip your mind. However, even if depreciation is one of the factors that is at the forefront of your decision for purchasing a car, you have got to see about a worst-case scenario in terms of how quickly this one has depreciated. Even if you were looking for it, there probably aren’t many who saw this one coming.

In just 10 years, this 2007 Bentley Azure has lost $300,000 in value. Let that sink in for a minute… That’s right, if you’re an average American, take a look around your house. Now, picture that house vanishing into thin air. That’s basically how much value this machine has lost over the past decade. If it has yet to come close to bottoming out, we can’t be sure but, that number alone is enough to wow us and then some. When you break it down, that means That for every single hour since this car is rolled off out of the factory, figuring that it has had a linear depreciation, Doug Demuro tells us that $3.61 has fallen off of its value. That’s pretty insane given that you have to make more than $10 an hour at a full-time job to make that much money in a decade. The numbers can really blow your mind when you sit there and think about them for a while.

Anyway, rapidly falling stock or not, this machine actually ends up being a pretty neat car. In this one, Doug does a great job of going through it as we’re used to from him, telling us all about the quirks and neat features of the car that makes it what it is. If you have yet to see a Doug Demuro video, then please treat yourself to the one down below and, if you know know what to expect out of his videos, well, let’s face it, you’re probably already knee-deep in seeing exactly what’s up with this machine and why it’s losing so much money off the top.



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