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The 2022 Jetson ONE is the Personal Drone That Needs to be on Your Wishlist ASAP

As it turns out, some of those futuristic concepts that we thought might have been decades in the future could end up being a lot closer than many people thought. For example, the Jetson ONE, a personal flying drone, appears to be ready to launch within the next year or two.

The Jetson ONE is a “commercially available personal electric aerial vehicle that you can own and fly,” produced by a Swedish company that says it intends to make everyone a pilot.

When looking over the spec sheet for the personal aircraft, we learn that the machine promises a 20 minute flight time thanks to a high power output electric brushless outrunner motor. With such a flight time, we aren’t exactly sure that this would be a reliable mode of transportation to drive every day but instead more of a toy to play with during leisure time.

Those who get behind the controls will find a three-axis joystick along with a throttle lever to control the drone. Our next question was exactly how fast it could go to and we find the answer at a software-limited 63 mph.

The brand looks to start getting the Jetson ONE in the hands of consumers next year. While 2022 delivery is sold out, the brand is taking orders for 2023 on its website.

Down in the video below, we check in with what might be the ultimate toy for 2022. While these sorts of things might just be used for play, for the time being, we could see the development going in such a way that perhaps the platform will be much more capable in the not-so-distant future. Maybe with the next couple of iterations, we will see longer flying times to the point where something like the Jetson ONE could even end up being your daily driver!


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