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The 405 Street Outlaws Testing In Memphis Tennessee… Full Episode Airs Tonight!


Season 10 of Street Outlaws will be hitting the airwaves tonight and just like season nine ended, this season opens with the 405 taking on the 901 in another throwdown against the guys from Memphis. We’ve already seen these crews tangle a few times and there’s always some awesome action and even better banter between the two sides, and we expect nothing less tonight.

In the teaser below, we find out that JJ Da Boss, the ladder of the crew from Tennessee has been kind enough to let the OKC guys lock down the road for a couple of hours of testing, a gesture no often extended for the guys from the midwest when they visit other out-of-town locations. This is a huge benefit for the guys, and should help make for better racing come time to square up and race.

We first see Farmtruck and AZN laying down a stellar A-to-B pass in The Farmtruck. After their hit, Ryan brings the Fireball Camaro to the line to see what he can do with the tricky asphalt surface. As you can see, he’s checked out the street pretty well and tweaked his tuneup perfectly, also laying down a killer looking run.

We’ve already seen a few others from the 405 and the guys from Memphis testing prior to race night in other clips released by Discovery Channel, and it really looks like everybody has a pretty good handle on the tune, which means the racing itself should be awesome, and we already know JJ Da Boss is going to bring the smack talk and try to psych out everybody from OKC.

Tune in to Discovery Channel tonight to catch the season premiere, and plan on a full hour of action straight from the streets of Memphis.

Memphis Test Runs

The 405 gets down the road. Even if it's a sketchy-ass asphalt road in Tennessee.

Posted by Street Outlaws on Sunday, November 26, 2017


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