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The 5000 Shot Firework Deathstar is Mind Blowing!

YouTube star Colin Furze recently eclipsed the 3 million subscriber mark and decided to celebrate with a little fireworks show. Of course, anybody who’s seen any of Colin’s video’s knows that Furze does’t really do “little”. Everything the Lincolnshire, England native does is over the top, but he does so with a panache and humor that his fellow Brits are known for, which makes his channel one of the most watched on the social media giant. And, of course, he celebrates in a similar fashion.

Furze cleared the three million subscriber mark by creating some of the most outlandish, but surprisingly functional inventions you’ll find on YouTube. He has built a hover bike that looks very much like it could be a production unit if the right company picks up on what Furze has built and turns it into something we can go out and buy. He has also built a jet-powered bicycle, some Wolverine claws and even an underground Apocalypse bunker, each of which are well documented on his channel. Hopefully whatever he’s working on now will be even bigger and better and we get to check it out soon!

To celebrate this huge milestone, Furze rigged up a monster fireworks display, connecting more than 50 boxes of pyrotechnics and attaching them atop a boom arm and running the fuses to an electronic trigger. Following the countdown, Furze presses the button and a few seconds later, the show begins! Within moments, the 5,000+ rounds begin to fire off in a thrilling show of fire and color. The show continues for several minutes, firing off a steady swarm of shells and sparks that would make any fireworks engineer jealous! We can’t wait to see what Colin has up his sleeve next, especially knowing just how awesome his inventions have become over the past decade.