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The 5,000 Shot Firework Deathstar Is One Amazing Show!

Here in America, the Fourth of July is a holiday in which we go all out! It’s all about sitting back and relaxing with your friends and family while enjoying your cookout or barbecue and topping the night off with a couple of fireworks to truly get yourself in the spirit of appreciation for this country that affords its citizens so many freedoms. When it comes to those fireworks, I think most people would agree that bigger is better and with this demonstration, we get an incredibly massive display that I think might just be enough to please even the biggest firework fanatic in the world and then some.

Thanks to the famed internet mad scientist, Colin Furze, we’re now able to check out what he calls the “Firework Deathstar,” a contraption that will shoot off 5000 fireworks into the sky at intermittent rates, pelting off 5000 or so within the span of no more than about 20 seconds! Being able to watch the scene come to life is a true pleasure as it becomes a sort of art form with all these colorful explosions going in every which way and making whoever is watching sit there and appreciate it in awe! It might seem like fireworks are kind of random explosives but this one sure took a lot of work to put together.

Follow along in the video down below that will most certainly have you feeling festive. If this one doesn’t get you in the mood for some firework action, I’m not really sure what will. People keep building these fireworks bigger and bigger and it only leads you to wonder whether one of these massive fireworks displays are going to go wrong at one point or another. For now, though, we’re certainly glad that this one went oh so right.


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