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The 7 Second ETS GTR performs a violent pull on the Dyno

As the Nissan GT-R is among the kings of the jungle when it comes to performance. There are plenty of shops turning wrenches and coming up with advanced engineering concepts to make them rocket down the track the fastest and out do the competition. I’m sure that being the big dog in this world means that you get a lot more business and the dollars start to flow, so there’s really a lot on the line.

If you want to talk about the fastest of the fastest, the Extreme Turbo Systems GT-R is definitely one that you have to throw into the mix. While the title as the absolute fastest bounces back-and-forth from time to time, this is one car that you can always expect to always be competitive.

This time, we aren’t watching the car in motion, but rather dropping in as the intense machine hits the dyno rollers and comes to life, belting out one impressive pull that has the camera practically shaking in fear as the car spools up and lays down big power while spitting out flames.

Check out the clip down below that showcases the action. You wouldn’t think that seeing a car sitting still on the dyno could be something that would be exciting but this is certainly a must-see video as this brutal GT-R shows us how it puts the power to the ground.

ETS Drag GT-R – Ready for The Shootout

Extreme Turbo Systems is ready for the 2016 DSM/EVO shootout .. And a few GT-r's :)#TEAMETS #ETS #ExtremeTurboSystems #TheShootout #allthehorsepower #GTR

Posted by Extreme Turbo Systems on Monday, August 15, 2016


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