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The Baddest Sand Rail In Glamis – The Purple Monster

The Baddest Sand Rail In Glamis – The Purple Monster

When it comes to the most fun that you can have on the sand dunes look no further than the supercharged 454 powered Purple Monster Sand Rail.

This beast that has what appears to be a Whipple Supercharger planted firmly on top makes an impressive 925hp at the rear wheels, all of which is converted into an adrenaline rush!

When it finally does come time to unleash the beast, this thing just can’t seem to keep the front wheels planted as this monster is simply the ultimate wheelie monster.

Check out the run for yourself in the video below and tell us what you think of this machine that is really nothing short of insane! Tell us what your take on this freak is!

Watch as this motorcycle rider attempts to outrun Glamis park rangers.



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