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The Belaz 75710 is the biggest dump truck in the World

In many situations related to trucks, we have to say that the bigger they are the better. Now, we know that something like this won’t be practical in all real world situations, but when they’re in their element, machines like this are certainly cool to watch.

As of today, this huge truck claims to be the largest dump truck in the world and with a carrying capacity north of 450-tons, that’s not too hard to believe.

The Belaz 75710, a truck that boasts 4600 hp, can be found prowling the dirt in the Kemerovo region in Russia, making light work of absolutely anything that you need to get from A to B, whether it be dirt, rocks, or an entire neighborhood, this truck looks like it can handle juts about anything.

To get this beast to its final state, it’s assembled on two parallel platforms, one for the frame with the mechanical workings and another for the body.

When all is said and done in about two months, we arrive at the finished product that you see in the video below. What do you think of this completely overkill method of earth moving?