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The Best and Worst of Supercar Powerslides, Speakers Up!

For those who are fans of everything fast, Goodwood is an event to keep an eye out for. The Goodwood Festival of Speed features all of the who’s who of the automotive community’s vehicles. In the festival, we see not only very respected and established nameplates but also new nameplates. In fact, sometimes, the festival acts as one of the first real opportunities that we get to see the newly released production vehicles. A good example of this is how we got to see our first decent look at the new Shelby GT 500 this year.

Among the events that go on at the Festival of Speed, perhaps the most popular is the Hillclimb. This gives spectators at home and on the web an opportunity to watch these cars really go to work. We get to see the machines in a variety of conditions. This really exposes us to what the car is able to accomplish performance wise. In turn, we also see how it looks and sounds. There are a variety of notes as it carves up the corners and accelerates into the straights. When these machines really get to accelerate, it can certainly be a symphony for the ears.

While most of the talk is normally about the Hillclimb, there are other parts of Goodwood that are worth taking a look at. One of them is features in this video. It looks to be a sort of burnout pit where all of these high dollar cars will be able to try to a little bit of tire shredding should the drivers choose to do so. In doing this, we get to see most of these machines in a new light. A lot of these cars are probably kept indoors and not driven very much. Seeing them stretch their legs out just a little bit is a true treat.

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