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The best parking skills we have ever seen by a Volvo Truck Driver

Big rigs and their drivers are often considered a nuisance by other drivers. These big, lumbering road blockers are viewed as an obstacle that most wish didn’t share the roadway.

However, the vast majority of truckers are among the best drivers on the road by necessity. Not only do they have to pass the CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) test, which is much more difficult than your standard driver’s test, they are at the helm of vehicles that weigh many times more than your typical daily driver. While there are certainly some “bad eggs” that have no business in the cab of and eighteen wheeler, most of them take a great deal of pride in their skill and do their jobs very well.

In this video we see one such driver, who masterfully manages this Volvo cabover on an obstacle course with deftness typically reserved for autocross racers. On top of nailing a slalom in his massive rig, the driver then does some highly precise parking in mere seconds that almost 100% of the public couldn’t do given all the time in the world. Clearly this driver has taken his driving to the next level and should be right at home on the open road or navigating cramped city streets.


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