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The Best Pickup Truck Money Can Buy for $5,000

For pretty much everybody who purchases a vehicle in any situation whether it be for pleasure, work, or maybe even a daily driver, money is definitely something that comes into the equation. If you can afford to save a couple of bucks, I think that anybody in their right mind is going to take that opportunity. When it comes to buying a pickup truck, these days, there are so many different options to be had that you might not even know which way is up when you’re trying to pick out the truck that’s perfect for you.

The thing about full-size pickup trucks is that if your budget conscious and want to only spent a little bit of money picking out the machine that’s the correct fit, there actually aren’t all that many options to choose from unless you want something incredibly basic.

Full size trucks seem to bring a premium price tag even when they’re old and worn as there’s a good market size looking to get their hands on one and because of that, the market that lurks under $5000 can leave some results that aren’t necessarily something that you’re going to desire. This is also compounded by the fact that pickup trucks haven’t been all that luxurious for that long, either.

If you follow along down in the video below, Truck Central brings us to a featurette with BigKleib34 that takes us inside of one of the vehicles that might be the most budget-minded trucks that also has quite a bit to offer. After checking out this sleeper pick of sorts, be sure to tell us what you think about the idea that you could get all of this value and utility for such a price. Do you think that there are many trucks that are a better bang for your buck at such a price point?


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