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The Best Way To Experience The Speed of NHRA is In Super Slow Motion!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on December 21, 2017

The NHRA is the home of the quickest accelerating vehicles on the planet, and honestly the kings of the sport move so fast that it’s really hard to appreciate the insane power at play onboard the cars unless you slow things down a little bit. Thankfully, there’s SloMo Saturdays, an opportunity for the NHRA to show off it’s ridiculous high speed cameras and share some of the intensity with fans via their Facebook page.

The first two cars you will see are Team Speed Society Racing drivers, with the Great Clips/Parts Plus Top Fuel dragster of Clay Millican leading things off with a little burnout footage. Next, Jonnie Lindberg drops the hammer in the Jim Head Racing Funny Car, giving us an excellent look at the forces at play when 11,000 horsepower is unleashed in the blink of an eye. It’s crazy to see the power yank the chassis and pop the front wheels into the air at the hit of the throttle.

The clip at the 45 second mark is one of the most amazing pieces of footage you’re likely to see. Unfortunately I can’t make out exactly which car this is from this angle, but just watch as the engine goes from roaring happily along to detonating in spectacular fashion in a matter of seconds. In real time, of course, this happened in a split second, but thanks to the miracle of high speed cameras, we get to see in great detail just how violent this explosion is. Watch closely and you can see the drivers head slam forward from the sudden deceleration and possibly even from the concussion of the explosion.

Up next, another of our Team Speed Society drivers, Ron Capps also hammering the throttle in his Napa Auto Parts Funny Car offers yet another look at just how violently these cars leave the line. Finally, the video ends with an up close look at the rear tire of the Top Fuel dragster of up-and-coming driver Ashley Stanford, showing in glorious detail how the Goodyear slicks distort under the stresses of running well over 300 miles per hour.


Start your Saturday off right with some SUPER slo-mo nitro action! #SloMoSaturday

Posted by NHRA on Saturday, November 25, 2017


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