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The Biggest Crashes From the 2017 Nitro World Games

When you’re talking about extreme sports, it most certainly takes a certain type of person who is ready to step up to the plate and put their body on the line for this form of flying art. These athletes really go above and beyond, many times to put on a show and see just how far they can stretch physics to take them to a new level of adrenaline rush. Sometimes, the results are on point but as you would expect with just about anything in life, including a dangerous sport like this, you can’t always come out with both feet planted firmly on the ground. Everyone has mishaps and that’s just the nature of being human.

Everyone has a misstep here and there but it just so happens that these mishaps are a little bit bigger than most. While, in most lines of work, the blunder might call for someone to get reprimanded or potentially fired, one a step in the wrong direction here could mean incredible personal injury. If you should happen to botch one of these maneuvers, there isn’t always a guarantee that you’re going to be walking at the end of the day and that’s some scary stuff that really makes you appreciate what these guys do even more on a regular basis. Because of this one, you get to see the flip side of the coin that shows what happens when they don’t make it through a giant stunt.

Follow along with the video down below as we take a tour of some of the worst and most incredible crashes that happened at the 2017 Nitro World Games. From BMX riding to dirt bike freestyling and everything in between, these guys really push the limits on exactly what the human body can accomplish when aided by a piece of machinery designed to literally go above and beyond, really pushing the limits. After seeing this one, be sure to chime in with which one of these extreme examples of a mishap is the most breathtaking of the bunch.