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The Brutal Big Tire Megalodon From Street Outlaws Testing for Outlaw Armageddon

Last weekend, Thunder Valley Raceway Park in Noble, Oklahoma hosted Outlaw Armageddon 3, one of the largest and most prestigious no prep races of the year. With over $100,000 on the line, some of the biggest names in the no prep world made the trip to the facility, located just south of Oklahoma City. Among those on hand to duke it out for the massive payouts was Virginia native Brent Austin in his first gen Camaro known as Megalodon.

Powered by a raucous ProCharged hemi, Megalodon is always a contender to take the win at any given event, and he made the long haul from the east coast to take his shot at the big tire shootout on Friday and the rain-delayed All Star Invitational on Sunday. But before those events went down, he had to get acquainted with the track, and that meant Thursday would be used for pre-race testing for all the cars on the property who wished to do so.

We haven’t heard any power numbers from the supercharged hemi, but it seems pretty likely the powerplant should be good for 2,500 to 3,000. With power levels that high, Austin has to get some data on the track to refine the tune and keep the tires planted on the unprepped surface. However, the promoters know how to keep these guys on their toes, since conventional no prep rules don’t allow pre-race testing on the actual surface to be used for the race. The compromise; move the starting line to the 1/8th mile mark. The halfway point of the quarter mile track would be a completely different surface that the starting line, and the drivers and tuners would still be able to get some baseline data to work with on race day. Hit that play button below and check out the footage of this badass Camaro, brought to us by Big Rob Entertainment.