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“The Car Dealer Con” Shows How Hustlers Mess WIth Car Dealerships

Usually, when you hear a story about a shady dealing going on with a car dealership, it’s the person selling the car who is pulling a fast one on the person buying the car. However, this time, we check out a con that’s going on in the opposite direction. It’s pretty interesting to watch the flow of events going this way because it’s just so rare that the “customer” is the one who’s able to pull one over on the seller. However, this time, that’s exactly what happens and we’re able to follow along with a hidden camera that captures the entire ordeal.

It all starts with a woman who’s approaching the dealership saying that she’s looking for something special. Having done their homework, the people involved in the scam can kind of feel out the idea that they’re going to direct her toward a specific car so they take the opportunity to case the vehicle beforehand, observing all kinds of factors including what exactly the key looks like and if it has a tag on the key with a certain design. Then, when the time is just right, they strike, pulling off their scam with flying colors.

In the video below, we’re able to ride along with the demonstration that shows how these kinds of shysters might just pull off a good old switcheroo, swapping out the real key with a fake key, while working as a team to boost the vehicle right off of the car lot right under the car salesman’s nose. Perhaps the most ingenious part this whole thing is that he didn’t even notice that the key was switched out while they operated the stunt. Crime is never the way to go but, watching something like this is almost like watching one of your favorite Hollywood movies. It almost seems too smooth to be true.