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The CBM 1300 Horsepower 463ci Funco Buggy is Straight Nasty

This buggy is just outright wicked! Go ahead now and crank up the volume on your speakers and listen to this completely over-the-top sand shredder demolish the dunes.

This video is just fifty-nine seconds long, but it’s nothing but pure, raw power in the form of this 1,300 horsepower CBM-built buggy, sporting a badass 463 cubic inch engine and a 4.5 Whipple supercharger, meaning the buggy has instant, neck-snapping torque, even on the sandy terrain. The driver shows off that instant-on power by slamming the loud pedal and sending the nose of the buggy skyward effortlessly. It looks to have plenty of top-end too, depending on gearing this thing should easily rip off triple-digit speeds!

The exhaust note is raw and gnarly, giving anybody in the area an unmistakeable warning that they do not want to test this rig head-to-head or they will be eating it’s sandy rooster tail!


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