The Cheapest Cars You Can Buy That Come With 500+ Horsepower

Surely, every gearhead has a list of machines in their head that they would like to ...

Surely, every gearhead has a list of machines in their head that they would like to try out. In an ideal world, we would be able to add every car that we so desire to the garage. However, over here in the real world, money is something that limits us from chasing our dreams sometimes.

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However, on the other hand, there are certainly machines that can allow us to tap into real life fun on a budget. Just because a car is making good power and is fun to drive straight from the factory isn’t to say that it’s outpriced most normal folks in the market. There have to be some high horsepower monsters rolling straight off the assembly line that are affordable these days, even if they’ve aged a couple of years.

This time, we tap into a list it finds out all about that phenomenon. Ideal Media over on YouTube took the time and attention to compile a list of some of the cheapest cars with 500+ horsepower available on the market today.

The fun thing about this sort of phenomenon is that, as performance technology gets better, horsepower gets cheaper and cheaper. In other words, as time goes on, access to power becomes easier. Think about it this way. Some 60s and 70s muscle cars had many considering 300 horsepower a lot. Today, there’s a wide variety of common rides that make that much power.

In any case, no matter what way we slice it, 500 hp is certainly going to make for a fun beast to tame. For those looking to have a blast on a budget, the video below should give you some insight as to exactly how that could be done. Without turning a single wrench, these machines are making some pretty good power and guarantee a fun drive.

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