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The compound turbo Hayabusa trying to break records

Sometimes you run into folks that are a bit eccentric, other times there’s those that are flat out crazy, then there’s the people building a motorcycle with the goal of 300 mph.

Just try to wrap your head around that. There isn’t really even an experience that your average person knows about that they can compare to the likes of 300 mph.

It takes some brass balls to even go 200 mph in a regular car, let alone 300 mph without having anything around you or any hope if something goes wrong.

However, despite the sheer craziness required to hop on board, if this ride can actually reach 300 mph, it would most definitely be a feat to admire, setting a land speed record for a bike.

Check out the video below that shows a 223 mph test pass with the tire fighting for grip. That’s not a bad start to an insane journey for speed!