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The Coolest Camper Combo You’ve Ever Seen!!

If you take a look at the landscape of custom machines out there in the world today, I think that you’ll find a fairly interesting mix of those that are meant to be over-the-top and for show purposes only and others that are rides that can be driven on the regular and often times are.

I’m not sure that you would want to take this Ford F100 and custom camper combination off-road on a week in and week out basis but I’m sure that if you really wanted to take it for a weekend of fun, it would provide you with a fair level of comfort and an extreme amount of style to go along with it.

This time, we take a look at this wild combination is featured at Motorama out in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania as the BigKleib34 cameras were rolling to capture this machine inside and out that’s so clean that you could eat off of it! Check out the little tour below that will give you an all new appreciation for what kind of custom work is possible!


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