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The Crew Reacts to Our Fresh Build on the 850 HP Giveaway GT-R

When it comes to putting together a high performance automobile, there is one moment that really makes it all worth it. That initial instance in which one is able to lay into of the throttle of the machine that they just spent lots of hard, long hours working on really makes the payoff come to life.

When it comes to our latest giveaway machine, that exact moment would come to life right in front of the eyes of those who checked in with the Speed Society YouTube channel. For those who follow Speed Society, they know that we don’t typically tend to give away factory stock automobiles. Instead, these things are usually spiced up by a variety of modifications curated by our crew. Depending on the build, we bring in some of our friends to help us at times, too.

With our most recent build, people who enter the giveaway that can be found here are going to have the opportunity to go home with an 850 hp Nissan GT-R. This time, we take you inside of the final steps of the build and what happened when it was all wrapped up.

Following the build process, it’s off to the dyno to see exactly how much power the car can lay down to the wheels. Following that, the crew gets to experience the power first hand. 850 hp is definitely gnarly no matter what the application. However, when that power makes it to the ground through all four wheels, things really get turned up to a new level.

By following along with the video below, you’ll be able to join in to see this monster truly come to life. With each and every giveaway car here at Speed Society, we try to create something special and we think that this GT-R really does a good job of hitting that nail on the head.

If this insane machine seems like one that you’d want to add to the garage, you can find out how to enter by clicking here.