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The Dangers of Buying Cheap Aftermarket Parts

If you’re putting together a vehicle for any sort of performance purpose, your application is going to end up being the perfect storm of what parts you feel are the best possible fit and what parts your bank account will allow. From where I’m sitting, the ability to pick and choose just the right parts that could save you money but still be effective is an art and a science alike. Many brands out there might seem incredibly appealing and affordable but, in reality, make junk parts, however, on the other hand, there might be brands out there that share those same characteristics except they make great parts. Being able to decipher which is which can be incredibly difficult, though.

However, there are some areas where you might just want to spend a little bit of extra money and have that peace of mind that you’re going to be safe with your selection. For example, cheeping out on safety equipment or something that’s going to be responsible for keeping you out of the wall, like a set of wheels that are going to be rotating at high speed, might be something that you want to buy from a reputable brand. After all, nobody wants to break a wheel going over 100 mph or end up rolling over and have a cut-rate harness that won’t hold a driver in place.

It’s definitely an interesting world to dissect and explore and if you head down to the video below, you’ll be able to get one perspective from someone who has probably seen it all as Rob Ferretti takes a moment to dive into the world of automotive modification and how exactly he thinks that one should approach modifying their car. This is probably going to be a topic of discussion that has lots of different perspectives in play so, after checking out what Rob has to say, be sure to tell us what you think of his opinion on the matter.

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