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The difference between new and old,11,000 + horsepower from Top Fuel HEMI’s

In order to level the playing field, the NHRA restricts classes so that everyone has a chance and the driver or team with the most money won’t necessarily be a shoe-in for victory.

With these rules and regulations comes the need for folks to get a little bit creative with the way that they build and tune their cars because in races that come down to two-thousandths of a second, every little tiny bit counts.

The video below that explains how nitro drag racing has changed and how these guys are switching around parts to get the most out of their 11,000+ hp machines.

It’s amazing to think that these rides traveling at over 350 mph end up in races that come down to the smallest margins that you could possibly imagine.

Check out the video below that digs into the Hemi design and how exactly these guys are pushing the limits of exactly what is on the table.


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