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The EPA is Chasing Down Race Car Owners – What YOU Can Do to STOP THEM!

The EPA is Chasing Down Racecar Owners – What YOU Can Do to STOP THEM!

If you haven’t heard, the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA for short, has recently been leveraging an iron fist over the aftermarket racing community.

When putting together a bill that is supposed to effect medium to heavy duty vehicles, like delivery trucks and more of the like, SEMA says that they slipped a line into the hefty document in attempts to pull a quick and dirty trick on those who attempt to modify their street cars.

There’s a lot of “he said, she said” being thrown around here, but basically at the end of the day what we gather is that the agency is attempting to make all modification of roadworthy vehicles illegal if said modification effects emissions systems.

Rumors have been spreading that this could make the sales of most performance parts illegal, shutting down many organizations and potentially killing off the aftermarket industry altogether.

If you want to make a difference in bringing this assinine action to a halt, you can sign the petition here, for a start. Don’t let this one go, boys and girls. If you do, it might be the end of a beautiful lifestyle.


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