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When it comes to the trends that you might see in the YouTube community, there are ...

When it comes to the trends that you might see in the YouTube community, there are definitely a couple of things that you’ve probably picked up on. Commonly, whether it would be in the car community or not, it seems like when something works, everybody wants to hop on the bandwagon and put on the same hat, pumping out similar products over and over again. I guess that if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right? On the other hand, you’d better be ready for a satirical outlook on the state of the union as it seems to have caught on with more than its fair share of nuances that are entertaining to take a look at.

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This time, we take a minute to apply that very line of thinking to the car community as, across automotive videos on YouTube, you might’ve noticed a couple of themes as of late, some of them being trends that people really like to make fun of and this video is no exception as it certainly doesn’t beat around the bush when calling them out. When you think of how over-the-top the YouTube community can really tend to be at times, it’s only natural that a video like this comes together with ease.

After checking out the video below from YouTuber, KleibVlogs, that goes over a lot of stereotypes that you might just happen to see in the YouTube community, be sure to tell us which of these points you think most directly applies to real life and which might just be a little bit harsh. Perhaps, at the end of the video, you’ll discover that you have a couple of points to add for yourself that you have seen over and over again in the automotive YouTube community that just need to be called out.

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