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The Fastest Girl on Water Pulls 1.7 Gs on 600 HP Supercharged Jet Ski

In this day and age, we have become a little bit desensitized to horsepower. With basically every high profile build being featured all over the internet, it almost feels like everything fast has over 1000 hp. However, that isn’t exactly the case. Instead, cars with 500-600 horsepower can definitely hold their own. A casual racing fan might not realize that this much power is enough to propel the right combination to a 9-second quarter-mile pass.

Now, take that combination from your 9-second car and remove a ton of the weight. Throw a jet drive on the back and you can call it a day. That’s exactly what we have with this particular jet ski that packs the punch of a 9-second car at a fraction of the weight.

This time, That Racing Channel takes the liberty of checking out the ski cranking out 40 psi and creating 1.7 G forces. “The Golden Girl” is known as the fastest girl on water and for good reason. This supercharged machine is certainly one to go out there for a heck of a rip. Being able to ride along for the massive accelerations offered up by the ski is certainly a treat for all the senses.

Below, we get the chance to dig into the 1.8L DOHC engine based on Mitsubishi architecture with all sorts of goodies. In fact, much of what we find inside of the ski is similar to what one would find in a car. As one might be able to imagine, it certainly creates one heck of a wild ride out there in the water. The instantaneous torque is almost enough to knock some heads off. This is one that you really need to see to believe.


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