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The Fastest Sandcar of 2017 at the Glamis Sand Dunes

The Glamis Sand Dunes are known for the high volume of insane off-road big boy toys that come out to play and go for some rather large air while spewing sand from under the tires. This sandcar, however, claims to be the biggest and baddest of all of the rides to hit the dunes and at over 2000 HP, we could definitely see that being plausible as these machines riot through the sand and make their presence felt as the battle back and forth for position as they battle for the lead.

As the video puts it, “Two of the baddest cars in the dunes compete in a series of 3 consecutive races to claim the title of “The Fastest Sandcar in Glamis” of 2017. The 2000+ hp 2 seat mid-engine Alumicraft sandrail AKA “Blackzilla” and the 2076 hp 2 seat rear-engine Racer Engineering sandrail AKA “Hater Maker.””

Sure, those numbers are fun to look at but without seeing all of that power put into motion what good are they? Well, this time, we get to see the action that backs up the numbers as the rig pulls the wheels off of the ground and blast around the desert, trying to stay heavily planted in the sand and keep out in front as the power kicks up a curtain of sand that nearly blocks out the sun!

Check out the video below that shows off the a couple of high dollar and high powered rigs strutting their stuff in their natural environment. You can almost feel the adrenaline flowing through the screen as these monsters throw down and try to assert themselves. It has to be an amazing feeling as the sand machines really scream their way to some impressive footage as they dig down deep and absolutely put on the biggest show possible! Be sure to tell us if you’d be ready to go on a ride in one of these mean machines!