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The final day of Big Chief’s “The Crow”

It’s always unfortunate to see a race or lose a ride, but when Big Chief lost the Crow, it left most of the racing community in pure shock.

When Justin tells us about how much he was in love with the car, one would think that the wreck will always weigh on him to some extent, but now that some time has passed, we would think that the blow of the accident has gotten just a little bit softer.

Now that Chief has had some time to reflect on what happened and quickly find his way back into racing once again, he is able to explain all of the events clearly that led up to that awful night.

It was quite a hectic situation as Chief and his wounded crew went through tweaking the car and testing it while down a couple of hands, but that wouldn’t stop them from making it to the race!

Check out the video below the gives us the behind-the-scenes scoop on everything that happened leading up to that tragic night.

Until you actually have a hands-on experience, it’s really hard to see all that goes in to preparing a car like this to race, but we think that this video does a good job of bringing those who haven’t experienced such a lifestyle one step closer to how it really is.