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The Final Days Of Stevie Fast’s “Shadow” Part 7

This is the moment of reckoning for Stevie Fast and the Shadow. In Part 6 of RAW3 TV’s series “The Final Days of The Shadow”, we saw Stevie lay down a 3.90 in the opening round to take out west coast racer Roger Holder. In this episode, we follow Jackson into the final day of eliminations and eventually to the crash that would be the end of his beloved Mustang.

In round two, Stevie gets the lucky break he needs to stay alive in eliminations when Chris Daniel crossed the centerline, making Jackson – who’d smoked the tires at the hit – the automatic winner. That lucky break, however, would ultimately put the Shadow into the third round, where disaster strikes. Knowing his opposition, Dewayne Mills, is the #2 qualifier and more than capable of outrunning him, the Killin Time Racing crew loads the Shadow up with power to give Mills all he can handle to make him earn the win. As you can see from the footage, that ends very badly for Stevie and the Shadow, as the car takes flight and slams violently into the wall as it returns to the track surface, ending up on its roof and on fire in the opposite lane.

Most importantly, Jackson doesn’t suffer any major injuries in the crash, but the car is a total loss. As the video ends, we see Stevie returning home, where he is greeted happily by his daughter.


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