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The First Lesson of Welding – Learn to Run a Straight Bead

Welding is an invaluable skill that can provide you with a great career path, or if you prefer you can just use the knowledge to handle your own needs and those of your friends. Unlike days past, you don’t have to go sign up for welding classes at your local trade school, you can simply jump online and read up, order some supplies, and learn using tutorials on YouTube.

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We do have to recommend you find a reputable source for your online education, as doing things the wrong way with a couple hundred amps of electricity in play can certainly end badly. One great resource we’ve found is’s YouTube channel, where certified professional welders teach you the in’s and out’s of the trade while explaining how and why you do things a certain way while showing you how they’re done. 

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Once you understand the basics and have all the necessary safety gear, you can start learning by following this video, where you learn to lay a single, straight bead with a stick welder. This should be the first step in any welding education, and this 12 minute video explains how to do it, as well as offering some tips on creating cleaner, more consistent welds.


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