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The “Flame Dancer” is a 30CC V Twin Flame Licker With Brass Cylinders And Brass Pistons

With all sorts of different ideas out there in the mechanically inclined community, you never know what kind of engine you’re going to come across. While, to the untrained eye, an engine might seem like a pretty straightforward concept that can’t be too different from the next one, there are about a million ways that one can go about creating an engine and modifying it to make it their very own. This time, we get a look at an engine that ends up being very unique in its own right and most certainly has what it takes to turn more than its fair share of heads when it fires up and gets to chugging away, spitting out fire as it rumbles along.

With a butane powered machine that goes by the name of “the Flame Dancer,” you might just find yourself to be mesmerized while watching it operate. Not only does this thing have a very distinct sound when it fires up and purrs away but it has quite the sideshow to go along with it, making it live up to that curious nickname.

Whoever was behind this machine featuring the V-twin design must have spent some incredible amounts of time and effort getting this machine to rumble the way that it does. Check out the video down below that will take you along for the ride to witness all that has gone into this creation to make it beast that it is today.

After watching this thing in motion, be sure to tell us what you think of the creative side that is shown in making this thing do what it does best. It looks like the owner has found a home for the engine in a miniature boat! If you could choose what to power with this engine, what would it be?


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