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The Ford Maverick is Back but it’s NOTHING Like the Original

Just when we thought that Ford was done dropping hot new models, along comes another that we can expect to see on the roads sometime soon. The name attached to the model might seem familiar. However, the new version doesn’t really hold much in common with the old one.

As the title infers, we’re talking, of course, about the new Ford Maverick. Unlike the sporty coupe that the Maverick used to be decades ago, the new version is actually a pickup truck. In lots of cases, we have seen instances where old nameplates have been dusted off and brought back to the dead as they were attached to cars that were, well, generally regarded as crappy.

*AHEM* Dodge Dart

We can’t really say that we have seen a model take an entirely different route with the platform that it’s offered on, though.

This time, instead of a sporty car, the Maverick will turn into a pickup truck. It’s a bit smaller than the Ford F-150 which leaves some wondering where the truck will find its spot next to models like the Ford Ranger.

However, what we do know is that the truck should be based on the Bronco Sport. The Bronco Sport sheds about 20″ in wheelbase when compared to the larger Ranger. How the two will compete with one another is yet to be seen.

Just when Bronco fans thought that they had already seen everything that they wanted, with the Maverick, we find another chapter in the story.

By following along with the video below, the crew from The Fast Lane has collected all of the information floating around about the model and what exactly it is that we can expect of it. As of now, the truck is still wrapped in camouflage but it seems like all of these spy details have come together to paint somewhat of a picture of what we might see when the Maverick hits the streets.


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