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The Gas Monkey Garage Built 1963 Ford Econoline Hot Wheels Edition

When it came out, the Ford Econoline was most certainly a pioneer of its time. The truck was designed mostly for serious work purposes and, as such, was the first to offer up any sort of extended pickup truck bed as to make its utility factor stock rise.

After several years in the market, high levels of competition would force the Econoline truck to rest in peace as production would be cut off in 1967 but that most certainly didn’t stop people from admiring what the truck was and trying to get their hands on their very own.

As a result of this limited run and the cool look of the truck, it has become quite the collector’s item and has even found its way into a variety of hot rodding applications, with shops from all around the country jazzing these things up so that they become quite a head turner the local car show.

In this video, we get the chance to learn a little bit more about the Econoline truck platform along with checking out the Gas Monkey Garage rendition of a 1963 version that has been styled like a Hot Wheels car, as it was built for the iconic diecast car company, giving birth to the Hi Po Hauler.


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