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The Geneva Motor Show Just Got Cancelled For 2021 and it’s For Sale

The Geneva Motor Show Just Got Cancelled For 2021 and it's For Sale

Earlier this year, we reported that the 2020 Geneva International Auto Show was called off due to COVID-19. While the show was arguably the biggest in the world, this didn’t necessarily come as a surprise. Naturally, the organizers were going to do everything in their power to make the show happen. However, being able to control a pandemic isn’t necessarily realistic.

The Future of Geneva

As we move into the future, it’s really unclear what’s going to happen with any sort of gathering. However, we received news of the canceling of the 2021 version of the show already, according to duPont Registry Daily.

The 2020 show was canceled at the last minute. However, these gatherings are built on the back of months of planning things out in advance. Manufacturers don’t just commit and set things up at the last minute. Instead, most are likely getting ready at least one year in advance for the next upcoming show. It’s certainly no small effort.

As the story goes, the cancellation came on the heels of a survey that was sent to exhibitors. The survey resulted in many of these exhibitors saying that they wouldn’t participate in the 2021 show for obvious health concerns. In fact, with brands like Lamborghini vowing to never attend an auto show again, we wouldn’t be shocked if the last ever auto show has come and gone.

The story of Geneva gets even weirder…

As far as the future of Geneva, the auto show was approved for a loan to offset the losses with the last-minute cancellations of the 2020 show. The plan was to begin paying back this potential loan with the proceeds from the 2021 show. However, now that the show is not going to take place, the company behind the event has turned down the loan and is looking to sell.

Right now, reports say that the main suitors for buying the operation would be the convention center that normally hosts the show. If the deal is worked out, it is believed that Geneva may continue normally, most likely in 2022 or beyond. At this point, though, nothing is ever certain.

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