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The Insane Supercharged IFS/IRS Rock Bouncer

The rock bouncer world is inherently diverse because the rigs are basically roll cages on wheels, leaving plenty of room for creativity and trying new things. While the vast majority of bouncer rigs rest on a pair of live axle setups, Clayton Hollingsworth decided to take a route less traveled and built his new Outlaw bouncer with independent suspension, on the front AND rear.

Not only did Hollingsworth go with four wheel independent suspension, he added all-wheel steering for increased control while tackling these treacherous hills and trails. But the suspension isn’t the most unique aspect of this rock rig. Check out the engine placement!

The engine, a blown 6.0 liter LS powerplant, sits right beside the driver, drastically changing up the weight balance and center of gravity, and judging by Clayton’s dominant performance on the hills of Stoney Lonesome, the configuration works! Check out the walk around and see just how unique this rig truly is. Look for more footage of this thing in action soon!