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The Inside Scoop on How a Rotary Actually Works

The Inside Scoop on How a Rotary Actually Works

When looking at a typical engine found in the majority of cars, performance or not, you’ll have cylinders connected to a crankshaft, which move up and down in a combustive process, creating power.

The rotary engine, unlike a piston engine, doesn’t have all kinds of moving parts and intricacies. Instead, as this highly informative rendering shows, it’s simply a triangular rotor spinning on a shaft!

The goal of the engine is essentially to simplify all of these moving parts of a piston engine down to just a few in the most efficient way possible. Whether or not that mission is accomplished with this design is up for you to decide!

Check out the video below that explains how this niche engine puts the combustion process to work in a way that’s a bit different than the norm. What is your take on rotary engines?

Check out this remote control that claims to be the fastest R/C rotary in the world!

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