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The Lexus Hoverboard: It’s Here

The Lexus Hoverboard: It’s Here

It’s always been a dream to many. The hoverboard, a work of science fiction has been just that, a fantasy. Today, however, that dream comes to life in front of our eyes.

As a part of their latest marketing campaign, Lexus has produced their very own hoverboard that operates thanks to the use of magnetic technology.

The hoverboard seen in the video below is one of a kind creation that Lexus will opt to not mass produce and thus has managed to irritate a rather large group of people who got rather excited about its release. Instead, it’s being used to promote their vehicles.

Check out the video below that is supposed to translate hoverboard use to car sales in some elaborate plan drawn up by the folks at Lexus. What do you think of this step in the master plan?


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