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The Life of a Bolt

When you see a finished product, it’s easy to appreciate it as a whole but for those who have worked on machines of various types, we know that there are a whole collection of parts and moving pieces that go into the ordeal.

With the likes of a Formula One car, every single nut and bolt matters whether it be the hardware’s ability to hold the car together or the importance of saving weight and keeping aerodynamics.

This time, we follow along with the story of a humble front suspension bolt as it goes through the entire process of design to production to its final resting place in the car.

Follow along in the video below as part number RB12-FS-00663-02 goes through each and every small step to becoming part of the bigger picture.

Watching this video really makes you appreciate all of the fine detail that is put into making a performance machine like this tick come race day.